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Extra-Curricular Activities

Regional Activities


An event organized to unveil a student’s powerful potential, SABIS® STARS is a competition taking place every two years. This event challenges our students in a non-academic environment and gives them the chance to shine. It offers an incredible opportunity for students in grades 6 to 12 to participate in diverse categories such as singing, photography, painting, spelling bee, creative writing, science fair, and many more.

SABIS® Regional Tournament

The SABIS® Regional Tournament takes competing to a totally different level. This ultimate sports event brings together over 1,000 students from 24 participating SABIS® schools in 13 countries. The tournament mainly includes 4 sports categories: basketball, football, swimming, and athletics. Our student competitors consider their participation in the regional tournament as the ultimate sports goal.

SLTC Summer Training Conference

For our brilliant students who take pride in participating in the SABIS® SLO and strive every day to make our school and community a better place, taking part in the SLTC Summer Training Conference could be the ultimate reward. Organized during the summer break in different locations every year, it offers students lifetime knowledge by participating in presentations about leadership, volunteering, making a difference, and many more. Couple that with fun team building activities and sightseeing, it offers the best experience for any aspiring leader.

Regional Ballet Festival

Our star ballerinas shined on stage during the 2019 Regional Ballet Festival. It is a wonderful opportunity for all our student dancers to showcase their skills and talent in front of a huge crowd. At ISC-Sharjah, our students have various ways to explore their talents, and taking ballet classes and participating in such an event is only one of them.

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