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SABIS® Student Life Organization

A Look Inside the SLO

The SABIS® Student Life Organization consists of nine departments that offer all students interesting and captivating opportunities to make a difference in their school and larger community, improve their academic performance, join and/or lead activities they enjoy and excel in, and create the appropriate school atmosphere conducive to learning, all while having fun. These nine departments are color-coded and represent all facets of the school. Each department consists of several sub-departments, as shown below.

Academic Department

The Academic Department implements engaging academic activities and support – including peer tutoring, academic competitions, study groups, and shadow teaching – that are designed to build students’ confidence in learning and help develop their academic skills.

Discipline Department

The Discipline Department helps ensure a safe environment within the school and teaches students how to abide by school rules and resolve any differences in a peaceful manner. The department prefects also hold several bullying prevention campaigns to bring awareness to and help prevent bullying of any kind.

Management Department

The Management Department is responsible for effective communication regarding all student life matters. In addition, the department is responsible for managing and maintaining the school premises.

Sports Department

The Sports Department promotes an appreciation for sports and encourages students to both get and stay in shape. It also helps create bonds between students and staff members through friendly sports tournaments and games.

Wellness Department

The Wellness Department helps promote a healthy lifestyle among the community. This department organizes events and campaigns to help encourage and give both students and staff the necessary tools and tips to maintaining a healthy well-balanced life.

Activities Department

The Activities Department helps provide an outlet for students to explore, share, and teach others their talents and interests through clubs and/or events.

Outreach Department

The Outreach Department ensures that both new and returning students are fully integrated into school life. This department arranges ambassadors for all new students and plans several events and campaigns to ensure that students are always motivated and eager to help others.

Lower School Department

The Lower School Department dedicates time and effort into organizing trips, fun events, and daily academic and non-academic clubs for students in Lower School. The department helps increase the interaction between Lower School and Upper School students.

Social Responsibility Department

The Social Responsibility Department helps motivate and inspire students to give back to their community through various charitable and environmental projects.

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