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Extra-Curricular Activities

Weekend Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities

On weekends, students from KG 2 to Grade 9 can register for our paid extra-curricular activities. These activities are held on Saturdays and include football, basketball, tennis, taekwondo, swimming, violin, guitar, computing, French, arts and crafts, oil painting, and costume and jewelry making. All activities are conducted by professionals and give every student the opportunity to explore and excel in their passion and hobbies. 

Sports Days

Another important event that we usually hold on Saturdays is Sports Day. Organized for students from KG 1 to Grade 2, sports days are packed with fun, friendly, and stimulating activities. Full of energy and with big smiles on their faces, our students look forward to these events, where they can have fun and engage in friendly competition with their classmates. Parents/Guardians are always welcome to attend and cheer our young athletes on, adding to the lively atmosphere of the event.


Major events like music, ballet, and gymnastics shows and many more take place on weekends. With many activities available for our students, this is the moment they shine and get the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents in front of audiences.

SABIS®  Network School League

What better way to showcase your sports skills than participating in an inter-school tournament? With all the training and dedication come great rewards. For our students in grades 3 to 12 who have the skills to make it on the school’s sports teams, this is their moment. Whether they participate in swimming, football, basketball, volleyball, or athletics, our teams give their best to emerge victorious.

School Trips

ISC-Sharjah hosts annual school trips for students in grades 2 to 12. These are a great way to relieve stress and a wonderful opportunity to unwind in a refreshing change of scenery and environment. In these outings, students are subjected to plenty of new sights and experiences. These school trips occur on diverse, fascinating locations with a wide range of activities including desert safaris, cruises, amusement parks, ice skating, and many more. Much of Dubai and Sharjah is explored during these excursions.

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