Sharjah’s First Prefect Mini Camp

Sharjah’s First Prefect Mini Camp

On a Saturday morning, prefects from grades 9 to 12 gathered in the old exam hall to attend the Prefect Mini Camp.  The aim of the camp was to encourage the students to bring forth new ideas and understand their role as a prefect better. The camp was planned out as a miniature replica of the SLTC (Student Life Training Camp) that took place during the summer in Athens.

The presentation commenced by an invigorating team building exercise that was led by the four students that participated in the SLTC. Students were split into teams and two exercises were carried out: Table-Tennis Pass and Spaghetti Knot. Both exercises helped prefects focus on very important aspects of the SLO®: teamwork! With their minds open and ready for action, the Head Prefect then gave out a simple briefing about the various departments, their goals and how to carry them out.

Afterwards, multiple and inspirational videos were played. Each presented morals in life that everyone should adopt, such as generosity and conscientiousness.

After taking the “Fruit Personality Quiz”, the new theme of this year was introduced: Going Above and Beyond. Given such a broad theme, the prefects were tasked with working on how to implement this theme into every aspect of the school life.

 The last presentation was given by the director himself, Mr. Kassis. He encouraged the prefects to work their utmost to ensure that the students can study in an environment that cultivated their thinking and help them develop as individuals. Additionally, he expressed the importance of discipline and cleanliness in a healthy school environment. All in all, it was thoroughly enlightening and motivational for the prefects.

Now the attendees will implement what they have learned during the camp, and use it to improve the SLO® and help out their fellow peers.

The International School of Choueifat — Sharjah

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