Job Fair

Job Fair

The job fair is a highly anticipated event that happens at the beginning of each year in the International School of Choueifat, Sharjah. It is an exhibition that is intended to give students an opportunity to help create a better image for the school and to personally develop their own social skills. The Deputy Heads of The Student Life Organization, or SLO®, chose a location in this school to hold proceedings. When all the preperations had been set up, the Job Fair was then opened to the students for the entire period. Each department then proceeded to explain to interested students who wished to join them, the specifics and details about what they would have to do to help the school and the advantages that the students themselves would experience.

During the event, the Deputy Head of the Sports Department, Shak Marifkhonov, was interviewed about the Job Fair. “It turned out better than we had ever anticipated. We are delighted with the positive response from the students in our school,” he replied. “A lot of students signed up that day to become part of the SLO® team. The students learnt about the sub-departments in each department and the goals they had set at the beginning of the school year.” When asked about the expectations surrounding the entire event, Deputy Head of Management, Yousef, answered, “It surpassed our expectations. We were impressed with the number of students who wanted to help.”

          The Job Fair is designed to be informative and educational where we aim to discuss the enjoyable aspects that attract students. This then allows the students to develop their own personalities and enhance themselves both academically and socially.

The International School of Choueifat — Sharjah

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