Global Classroom International Model United Nations

Global Classroom International Model United Nations

This May students from ISC- Sharjah were lucky enough to be chosen to go to New York to participate in the Global Classroom International- Model United Nations Conference, which was held in conjunction with the Lebanese American University. This is the kind of opportunity you only get presented with once in a lifetime and we were fortunate enough to be able to participate in this prestigious event.

It was an unforgettable experience. Not only did we travel together and have a great time but we also had the honor of visiting the United Nations Headquarters and the UN General Assembly Hall for the opening and closing ceremonies of the conference. During the opening ceremony students were addressed by

The UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth, Ahmad Alhandawi and the Lebanese Permanent Representative to the UN, Dr. Nawaf Salam.

Not only did we get to visit the UN General Assembly, but we also had the utmost honor of visiting the UAE Permanent mission to the United Nations and meeting Her Excellency, Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh, Permanent representative of the UAE Mission to the UN. That was a moment I am sure none of us will ever forget. This visit to the Mission was made possible by Majid Al Nuaimi a graduate of ISC Sharjah (Class of 2011) and we are very grateful to him for the opportunity.

New York is known for being a beautiful city and we were fortuitous enough to be able to tour the city and see its beauty. We had so much fun and there were a lot of laughs and memories that will never be forgotten, memories that we can tell our grandchildren in the very distant future. But New York wasn’t all fun and games, the conference was serious and competitive and we had to work very hard under a lot of pressure to be able to compete with more than 1800 students from all over the world.

This experience has changed us in so many ways. We are wiser and more diplomatic. We see things from a whole new perspective. In such a short period of time we changed into different people who are more mature and grown up. After seeing how the United Nations works and what they discuss on a daily basis, we are now well informed and enlightened about the problems of the world. It was really eye opening be able to understand what is happening with the world and find out how countries try to come up with solutions to these problems.

Model United Nations is an amazing conference that I would personally recommend to everyone. If you were ever presented with the opportunity to go, take it because it is an incredible experience that gives you a new perspective on life, it will help with grow as a student as well as grow as a person.

Speaking on behalf of all 8 students, I would like to thank our school for presenting us with such a wonderful opportunity and as a whole group we would like to thank our teacher, Mr. Maguire who made this trip possible from the very beginning.

The International School of Choueifat — Sharjah

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