On Sunday the thirteenth of September, the outreach department held an art exhibition titled "Choose Healthy Choose Compassion Campaign".

In the days leading up to the event it the organization became hectic and luckily plenty of help was offered by willing prefects. The art exhibit gave students the opportunity to come together and work collaboratively. The coordination and dedication that was put into the event paid off from the very opening of the art exhibition.

Various works of art were created by senior pupils and displayed around the SLO®. The art amounted to twenty four pieces in total on canvas, cardboard and posters. The theme of the work was anti-animal cruelty and each piece was executed with painstaking effort and dedication. In addition to the art itself, there was a stand that contained ‘Stray Care Packages’. Each package contained small containers of water, milk and dry food. The idea behind these was that each student would take a package and utilize it in a fashion that would benefit a stray animal.           

Overall, the event was a tremendous success with most of the school coming to view the artwork. The art exhibit was also visited by our proud teachers. The artwork was displayed for another week after the event, with the SLO® open to all.


The International School of Choueifat — Sharjah

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