• I joined ISC-Sharjah in Grade 4. It is the best school anyone could possibly go to, and I did not realize that until I started my university and saw how easy the courses were. During my first year at university I have done extremely well with an average GPA of 3.88. I strongly believe that my education at SABIS® prepared me well for success after school. I would like to thank everyone back at ISC-Sharjah for their incredible effort and dedication.
    Ahmed El Matarawi Graduate

  • I would personally like to thank ISC-Sharjah for supporting and encouraging our daughter Catalina Cotofana over the past 6 years in getting solid academic knowledge and in better understanding the principles of math, science, physics and business. This helped her in choosing a future profession in the field of environmental and ecological engineering.
    We are especially pleased with the way ISC-Sharjah is combining the academic knowledge with identifying and developing collateral skills like arts (through ballet and drama classes), sports (Catalina was encouraged to be part of several teams based on her set of skills) and the SLO® (the SABIS Student Life Organization®) where students are encouraged and empowered to develop organizational, presentation, and leadership skills required for our future leaders.
    I see this as a very important step of a modern education process and preparation of a young adult to become a trusted member of tomorrow's society by offering her the broader picture of life in general and identifying the soft spot for a particular activity.
    Razvan Cotofana Parent

  • My son Sharif Chebbo, an ISC-Sharjah graduate currently attends George Washington University. He is majoring in Biology (pre-med track). The SABIS® Educational System that Sharif was taught at school well prepared him for college. At ISC-Sharjah, Sharif received the best possible preparation for the SAT and the school helped with the application process to universities in the U.S. which are challenging and competitive.
    Ann Ainlay Chebbo Parent

  • I would like to thank the school administration and teachers for their highly professionalism and cooperation when dealing with my daughter's inquiries. I'm extremely grateful and thankful for their constant support which in turn helped my daughter achieve very high grades in the first semester after joining the school and then becoming one of the first students in her class.
    Reem Tawfik Parent

  • My years at the International School of Choueifat have been very instrumental in my life. I still remember when the school first opened in the UAE in the Emirate of Sharjah, my parents moved me from another private school, knowing that Choueifat had a great reputation. I attended from first grade until graduation after which I continued my education at the University of Toronto Canada.
    The goal of any education in addition to learning is to give the student the ability to reason and think critically. At Choueifat the strength of the education was in the challenging academics and the values that were taught by encouraging such attributes as integrity, commitment and respect. This gave me a solid foundation for many aspects in my life. I am so thankful for the high standard of education I received.
    My elementary experience at Choueifat was a very positive one, with dedicated teachers and principal whose interest was in students and focused on the fundamentals of reading, writing and mathematics. During the junior and senior high school years, again the principal and teachers were very influential and I have scores of memories of this very rich period of time.
    The academics gave me a strong background to compete well with others not only at university, but also in my career. Most importantly, I learnt the meaning of working under pressure. During my first semester at university I realized and was confident that I was more than adequately prepared and the transition was easy. When I started my professional career, I also implemented a lot of the skills I acquired at Choueifat.
    My two children have also been enrolled in the same school. My elder daughter is now a second year honors student and she feels the same way. Her education at Choueifat has prepared her in a way that has even exceeded our expectations. I am confident that just like my own experience, my children have not only been challenged academically, but have learned skills they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.
    Nebal Kheir Ghandour Graduate

  • I am proud to say that I am a graduate from the International School of Choueifat, Sharjah. This is a sentiment that did not come during my time at Choueifat because during that time the challenge was keeping up with the exceptional work load, exam pressures, homework, long school hours, and having very little time for anything else. In fact during that time, it was rare to hear anyone of us saying we are proud Choueifat students, as I imagine is the case of any student at any other school. We were teenagers, with very little experience in life and a lot of rebellious energy just waiting to come out.
    I graduated from Choueifat and got accepted into several universities, but I chose to attend the University of Western Ontario, located in London, Ontario, Canada. During my first year at university was the first time I began to have a real appreciation of my challenges as a Choueifat student. To my surprise, and I still vividly recall this, my first year Physics text book was the exact same copy of the Physics text book we used in Grade 12! So, while all my class mates were struggling with concepts, I breezed through the course and didn’t once stop at a tough question or exam.As the university years progressed, I developed a new appreciation of the challenges I faced at Choueifat. The experience as a university student was completely different from that of a school student. At university we were expected to be more self reliant and manage our own time and course work. Nobody really cared about whether or not we did "homework", in fact the concept of homework did not exist. We had deadlines. Nobody followed up. It was our sole responsibility to manage our own time and our own load. That is a skill I acquired, without realizing it, from my years, my long, tough years, at Choueifat. It taught me valuable studying skills and precious time management skills that very few of my class mates had. These skills made me one step ahead of everyone - as they all struggled to adjust to the pace of university academic life, it was clear to me what I needed to do and only had to focus on completing the required coursework to advance to the next year.
    After I graduated I decided to continue to post graduate studies and attended the University of Toronto and soon after began my career in the field of Human Resources. I now have a 5 year old son and an almost 3 year old daughter. Around this time last year I had to make a decision about which school to enroll my son. To be honest, I hesitated a little bit because I heard stories about the increased workload on students from a young age, and I remembered the pressures I faced as a little girl and I imagined what it would be like for my son. But the hesitation was short lived because I saw where I am now in my life and I am always reminded - during my interaction with candidates applying for work and with colleagues and employees at all levels of the company - of the invaluable level of discipline I acquired as a former Choueifat student and it was clear to me that I want my son to have these skills. It also became very clear to me that my schooling options may be wide, but my "quality" schooling options were limited. The decision was simple really, and after all those years, since my graduation in 1994, I still saw Choueifat as my school of choice. And today, it makes me proud to say that not only did I, and my mother graduate from Choueifat, but my son will as well, and next year, my daughter will be another proud Choueifat student!!
    Sirine Sadiyyah Graduate
The International School of Choueifat — Sharjah

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